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New Year, Same You

I got off the resolutions band-wagon years ago. I kept finding it to be a set-up for failure from start to finish. I'd look for a thing that was broken or not working or unlikeable about me or my life and "resolve" to change it. And then on January 1 I would bring the same me to a new resolution and guess what happened? Nothing, except maybe feeling worse about myself. So, instead ...

In layers, I quit finding fault with myself and my life, what was broken or not working or unlikeable and replaced it with two things:

1) In layers, appreciating/liking myself and my life just as it was.

2) Practiced curiosity (observing without judging and with compassion) why parts of me didn't like me or my life and then tried to empathize with those judgie parts of me.

And guess what happened? When the new year turned over, there was nothing I wanted to resolve, anymore. In layers, I liked me more. I liked my life more. Instead of rehearsing and renewing judgments, I saturated my focus and attention with the spirit of gratitude, appreciation, compassion and value for things about myself and my life that felt/feel good. The more I did that/do that, the happier I felt to turn over a new year not only NOT wanting to find something to resolve but wanting, instead, to find more and more treasures to be grateful for.

If you are prone to perfectionism, self-criticism, and harsh judgments about yourself and

your life, this 2 step practice could help to shift some things.

Lots of love to the same you in the new year.



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