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Your 2018 Summer Catalyst

In between this summer's vacations, long evenings on the patio, and that novel you're finally digging into, I've got a summer set of sessions on sale, perfect to get your gears moving in a new direction . . .

Maybe you keep saying this is the year you're definitely going to face the such-and-such, or there's that one sticky little issue you're absolutely going to deal with, or you just want X,Y, and Z to once-and-for-all get figured out, or you just want to work on you!

This is your summer for that!

Here are a few quick, compelling reasons why summer is a better time than any to give your true one and only You some summertime TLC.

1) Your brain is working better.

That almond-shaped powerhouse that works so hard for you 24/7/365 benefits from more sunshine (Hello, Vitamin D!), longer days, and time in nature. When your brain works better, the rest of you works better too. Targeting a couple goals or patterns you want to change this summer will be much easier with a brain that's getting a summertime turbo-charge, itself.

2) More refreshing Zzzzz's!

With more fresh air, time outside, and a belly full of summer fresh fruit and veg, your overall system is getting lots of nourishment that gives it the energy to restore you more efficiently at nighttime. That gives you the energetic boost for more motivation to tackle the inside jobs you've been putting on the shelf too long!

3) "New Year's Resolutions" are out.

Making life changes in January when it's cold, your energy is lower, and the days are so short is always a set-up for failure. Wisdom says summers are the new time to evaluate the last year, how you're doing right now, and decide what you want to do differently, moving forward. It just makes more sense to do the work of "resolutions" when you're not curled up on the couch buried under five blankets.

4) Longer days = more time.

If your chief complaint about shining some light on your inner life is that you don't have time, summer offers longer days, more sunlight, and lots of choices and options to work on your goals. You're afforded these wonderful months to add in extra play and spend more time recreating, why not squirrel away some of that time just for your relationship with you!

5) Your fall/winter will reward you.

A hidden benefit of a bit of me-time in therapy this summer means you're setting yourself up for happier, healthier, more productive fall and winter season. Maybe you find that summers are great for you but once the fall hits, the rest of the year takes a turn in a less than ideal direction. Either way, you're bound to have a much easier go of it this fall and winter if you've done some inside sprucing in the months leading up.

6) Everyone else is doing it!

Ok, time for a little peer pressure. It seems summer is peak season for lots of folks to journey inward. I'm always hearing of goals and intentions my friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers are setting for themselves during the balmy months of June, July and August. They're just feeling so motivated and inspired! So you might find it's an easier time to jump on the band wagon and brag along with your friends about the changes you're trying to make, too!

7) I have the tools and the sale on sessions to get you going!

I've got four powerful, carefully designed sessions to get you going! We'll effectively gather your goals, download an intelligent internal navigation system, fine tune the experience, and solidify your game plan.

These sessions are going for a summer sale of four for the price of three!

You will be surprised at how powerful a few focused minutes spent on yourself can be. And you are worth the investment!

So, let's go!

Head to my contact page Today to schedule your first session of goal-gathering! I look forward to working with you.

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