Sessions for Healing

I am so pleased to be here to offer you a healing experience unique to your own soul. My roots as a psychotherapist have led me deep into a new way of providing healing experiences for people. I am not a traditional talk-therapist. No diagnostic labels are offered to define you. The standard talk-therapy procedures only offer us a walkway into broadening consciousness of the human experience your soul came to have. Our compassionate attention is on unburdening your mind/body system to experience the purpose and joy of your soul. We re-orient to the emotional life in the body, learn your body's language of stress and fight/flight/freeze, and gain access to the innocence and soul talk that is often buried by the trauma each of us experiences and carries. We are rediscovering what's possible for you when body blocks are reduced and soothed, when an inner voice to self-love returns, and when that highest form of love leads your back to your beginning. 


If sessions like this sound curious, interesting or even exciting and inspiring to you, I hope to connect with you soon. Please reach out directly via email at or by calling (847) 791-4756. 


With greatest love, warmth and kindness,