Redefining the therapeutic approach

and the healing experience of the individual.

Therapy for the Human Experience of the Soul

You are Divinity wrapped in Humanity

When the body is experiencing stress in any way it becomes blocked from the capacity to flow with the energy of life. When stress in its varying degrees happens either once or habitually (across a life time, in your childhood, through chronic episodes of trauma, stress/grief/overwhelming life events) we begin to experience difficult impacts that feel impassable.  As a devastating result, an ever-decreasing sense of self-worth builds on itself in a toxic way and begins to move with the momentum of a giant cascade, pushing us further into darkness, and further from our sense of self and higher connection to life purpose. We all have a life purpose. To be cut off from that is to be halted altogether.

Complete and total recovery is possible for you. Life is always guiding you towards what will help you. Those of us who feel the call to wake up and decide to heal reach out for that help to unburden the stress in the body and restore its inherent wisdom in order to re-join the energy of life and the human experience of the soul. 


Body-Based & Spiritually-Oriented

"The body is the interface the spirit has chosen to react to, respond to, and interpret

the world. Therefore, we have to make sure that interface is working in our favor." 

~Lisa Wimberger

Individuals I work with want an alternative experience from traditional talk-therapy, which typically has not completely helped to resolve life issues. Verbal processing is helpful and also has its limits, so we must go beyond those limits to find what else will assist us on our journey. They want freedom from a label or a diagnosis, and a more holistic approach. They want to be treated like a soul in a human's body or a human with a soul. We can no longer talk about spiritual experience and its success without including the experience of the body, which, cluttered with stressful and/or traumatic response/memory, will block every one of us from what the soul has come to have on earth. 

More than being free from devastating emotional pain, trauma, diagnostic labels and darkness, people want a more present, joyful, consistently content experience, as well as a deeper connection to what their soul has chosen to come here to receive. This looks and feels like an unburdening of our body's nervous systems, a restored wisdom of the body, restored innocence, restored intuitive capacity, body-based experience of inherent self-worth, and joy in the body.

Most importantly, individuals who come to me are interested in knowing what's possible for them and are ready to experience what will help them get there. In the process, what they find is that they are their own self-healers with an enormous intuitive sense of how to unburden the body and return to themselves. 

May you be safe, May you be happy, May you be free.