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For A Profound and Beautiful Time As This

Online Therapy

I am and have been deeply thoughtful and emotional about our human community as we've begun an abrupt and uncertain transition to a changing new normal. I believe therapy and life coaching are as vital as regular visits to the doctor or dentist. Your physical body is as important and deeply tied to your emotional and energy body. Thankfully, the internet has quickly become the new global frontier where we may attempt to continue our journeys in connection with one another. I began using the web in 2009 to facilitate what we now term "tele-health" to create an engaged and authentic experience of healing and self-learning with my clients. While my practice has been 50% online, my counseling and coaching colleagues and I are now making the difficult choices to move our practices solely to tele-health in order to protect the greater good. We are learning this way forward together.

We as healers are in a sacred discussion about the unique opportunity we've been given to support the profound healing opportunity COVID-19 is offering us as a humanity. At the head of that discussion is how we continue to fortify our relationships with you so that the invisible cord of a healing energy remains steady across the airwaves just as it would exist in our face-to-face sessions. In times of big fear and uncertainty, the childlike nature of any human naturally wants to come forward. This is so normal. We want to feel safe, comforted, helped and relieved when answers and solutions feel far off. It is the innocent reminder to each of us that we need each other. A relationship with a healer like a therapist, a life coach, or a spiritual leader is a place many of our inner children can receive those crucial needs. Now more than ever I am taking the time to renew my beliefs about the resiliency of the human soul and our capacity to dig deep and experience connection wherever we can find it - how I foster this in my online sessions has become more sacred to me than ever. I will continue to engage in my very special work as a healer with you in whatever capacity the times allows us. 

My Thoughts

My evolving understanding of and orientation to COVID-19 is that it is a profound opportunity to begin to face and transform any unresolved emotion our bodies have been storing for us. We are being asked to slow down and get curious in the way we self-lead through a new season that is full of unknowns. I also believe this is our chance to remember our connection to each other and how much we truly need to be in love with one another. 

The questions you can be asking: 

  • What does the way I am navigating through this suggest about my relationship with myself? - How do I feel towards that experience (is it loving/compassionate or harsh/critical?)  

  • What invitations and nudges in my nervous system are becoming unavoidable to face now that I'm being asked to slow down or stop?

  • How do I reach out for help and support in a time of personal crisis? 

  • What personal patterns do I allow to separate me from humanity?

  • What is the narrative of my body (or where do I feel stress) around this experience? 

  • What am I grieving or have I yet to grieve? What are my unresolved regrets?

  • How can I help myself? How can I help others? 

Practical things you can do with these questions:

  • Jot your responses in a journal and share them with a trusted one who went through them too.

  • Sit in quiet or outdoors with one of these questions and let the revelations flow in naturally. 

  • Decide with yourself if you want to release and transform whatever arises for resolution. 

  • Using self-talk or a written letter, offer a response of compassion for your answers. 

  • Give a tremendous amount of permission to yourself to open up to a new path this season is inviting all of us in to.

A Personal Note

Lastly, I will share with you that my personal reactions to COVID-19 have been varied and very human. Mostly, and because I know the detriments of suppressing or explaining away my emotional experience, I am trying to acknowledge and honor the ways my body is slipping into fight/flight. That has happened for me in waves. I've cried over the sadness of those who have suffered or lost loved ones to this. I've found myself forgetting that my capacity to heal and comfort people who are scared doesn't come from having answers but from empathizing with people who are having feelings. I have felt afraid of getting sick from a virus that is still largely misunderstood. I've worried about my loved ones. I've longed for normalcy and in the same breath felt glad our "normal" has been disrupted so that we may reconnect as a much better version of humanity. I have felt massive joy watching humans rise to resiliency and help one another as if we are each the most important ones. My ultimate intention currently is to stay committed to my own very real humanity, which is an intention that has always served me in showing up as the best and clearest presence to help you navigate your healing. 

Pioneering through these times with you, in deep compassion, warmth, love and respect,


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