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Parent Coaching & Support

When parents come to work with me, I care deeply about providing a judgment-free, open-hearted and compassionate experience. With skillful and experienced guidance, my parent clients are allowed to explore the kind of parent they would like to be while reducing inner feelings of criticism, shame, and judgment and the fantasy of "getting it right". Many of the parents I have worked with over the years tell me that the support, encouragement, and guidance they receive from me allows them the freedom to step away from impossible expectations and old ways of doing things, and move towards showing up in their relationship with their kids (from littles to young adults) in a productive and deeply fulfilling new way.


My approach to parent coaching and support is entirely unique and different from much of what exists:

  • I believe that parents have the most powerful opportunity to change and shape the world by what they do in their relationship with their child. This is the center and passion of my parent coaching practice.

  • It is one-on-one, meaning it is unique to you, your story, your relationships and your life.

  • There is no judgment or expectation and compassion is the anchor -- in an emotionally safe relationship with me, we move towards curiosity about whatever wants or needs to change, and I provide the guidance system for that experience. 

  • I support parents of littles, school age, and young adult children. 

  • I have learned, cultivated and designed the most effective approaches to coaching parents, and helping them focus on the parts of parenting that ultimately matter the most to them and their children. 

  • I especially love to support parents who have a child going through wilderness or other therapeutic residential programs, and have much experience working in these programs as well. 

  • The focus is on your own emotional guidance system, engaging in mindfulness with yourself, and using a different, more authentic presence to influence the relationship.

  • You need someone for you. Parents have therapists for their kids, coaches for co-parenting, books, podcasts, seminars. Parents who want to work with me want someone who is just for them. 

I sincerely hope you will reach out with your inquiries about getting support and coaching in this area of your life. The benefits and investments extend beyond that of the health of your relationship with your child as you will find that so much of the parenting role has many gifts and opportunities for every other area of your life!