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What is E M D R and How Does it Work ?

In the powerful process of "Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing" or "EMDR", I join with you in a sequence that pinpoints experiences, thoughts, memories, self-beliefs, and body sensations stuck in your mind-body system, then works to move the material from "stuck" or "blocked" to an "integrated" state. The experience of EMDR uses back-and-forth movements that causes the brain to re-process, organize, and integrate what it previously didn't or couldn't for you during a time of overwhelm or trauma. 

EMDR is helpful for children and adults seeking healing and relief from the following:

  • Unwanted or intrusive thoughts

  • Negative self-beliefs

  • Somatic issues

  • Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderComplex Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderAcute Stress Disorder

  • A single incident of trauma

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Addictions

  • Unresolved childhood issues

  • Fight, flight or freeze responses to triggering events

  • Traumatic loss

  • Feeling like a fragmented person

EMDR compliments your brain's job to work with you and for you. Your brain performs incredible functions all day long to help you live and survive. Even when life has gotten hard, sad, frightening or overwhelming, your brain still has the ability to carry you through. EMDR kick-starts and partners with your brain's natural ability to process, organize and integrate what keeps you blocked from the life you were meant to live. Whether that be more connected relationships, increased confidence, more loving self-talk, a fulfilling career, freedom trauma memories, triggers and symptoms, or reduced unwanted patterns and behaviors, EMDR and the brain go hand-in-hand to help you resolve, restore and live the life you want now.

More information about EMDR can be found here: 

EMDR for Kids

EMDR is a powerful tool to help children process difficult life events. Those difficult life events do not necessarily have to be traumatic in nature but often times are. A trauma for your child may be very different than a trauma for you as an adult, meaning that specific life events that may be easier for an adult to process, could cause a child to become weighed-down and overwhelmed. EMDR helps your child move their eyes back and forth to process or digest upsetting experiences so that they no longer have to carry the heavy emotional weight and pain associated with the experience. I have specialized training using the tool of EMDR with Sand Tray therapy to create an experiential, play therapy approach. 


More information about EMDR with kids can be found here: 

My Training

In 2012 I completed my training as a level-2 EMDR therapist with the instructors that learned from the originator of EMDR, Francine Shapiro. My training is under the EMDR International Association. More recently I have completed advanced training with Ana Gomez, a leader, trainer, and expert in the field of EMDR and child therapy. This training was focused on EMDR-Sandtray Protocol for children and adults and it is a powerful technique in helping you or your child to heal and move forward with life. 

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