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Children Needing Counseling

I work with children 6+ who need a counselor-helper that understands their behaviors are connected to something deeper. Your child sometimes struggles to know what's upsetting them, can't ask for help about it, and feels increasing shame about themselves. Your child may be less happy than they once were, struggling with a particular life transition, trauma, or overwhelming circumstance. You often notice your child doesn't seem like their normal self or they begin experiencing behavioral concerns you know are connected to a deeper problem.


Common descriptors include:

  • School anxiety.

  • Social anxiety.

  • Medical diagnosis or crisis.

  • Shame about academic troubles.

  • PTSD. 

  • Bullying.

  • Adoption issues.

  • Family changes (divorce, separation, new sibling, death of a loved one).

  • Grief and loss.

  • A recent move.

  • Feeling depressed, disguised as agitation or anger. 

  • You have heard about EMDR for your child and want to know if it can help.

Kids needing support require an anchor to emotional safety and to be provided keys that unlock answers. This takes creative solutions, play, and time and patience, and it all exists for your child right now. Let's talk today about the solutions your child may need to start to feel better, happier, and lighter, like you want your kid to feel!