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Adults Seeking Counseling

Adults interested in counseling with me can often be looking for a wide variety of support. My adult clients tend to be successful but dissatisfied with life, accomplished in general but overall unhappy, surviving day-to-day but distant from your own life. There may be one pressing issue, a recent loss or crisis, or an ongoing and persistent issue you really want to address where the emotional space feels safe while helping you to explore your inner life. Depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, a loved one with addiction, family systems, value/self-worth, relationship boundaries, life transitions and life goals are common issues for many of the clients I work with.

Common descriptors include: 

  • Your relationship to and with your issues is difficult to navigate and you tend to distance from them rather than deal with them. 

  • You don’t know how to feel connected to yourself when you’re hurt or in emotional pain.

  • You want more insight and compassion for why you do the things that you do. 

  • You have small or big traumas that intrude in your everyday life.

  • Anxiety makes you feel frantic or is constantly buzzing and humming in the background; you'd like to feel calmer and less worried.

  • You're prone to depression or melancholy and would like to feel happier and feel pleasure in life again. 

  • You don't know how to have boundaries in your relationships. Your relationships are less than satisfying and you'd like them to be deeper or more fulfilling.  

  • You or someone you love struggles with addiction and you need support and compassion through the experience.

  • You have life goals that are important to you and you're struggling to accomplish them; you'd like to understand your blocks and overcome them. 

  • You want to explore, understand and heal the relationship between your addiction and mental health issues.

  • You have pain, psychological injury, and wounding from your childhood and want to heal from those experiences.

  • You've suffered the loss of someone significant and need gentle guidance through a healthy grief process.  

  • You don't or perhaps have never had a sense of value or self-worth; you'd like to understand this and be able to value yourself.

  • You are going through circumstances that feel overwhelming, such as divorce, a medical diagnosis, job change, a family transition, or moving/relocating. You need emotional support and guidance through a critical life period or transition. 

  • You want to be the kind of parent you feel good about being at the end of the day.  

  • You have heard about EMDR and are interested in learning if this can help you.

Wisdom, compassion and practical solutions are possible and can make a huge difference for whatever it is you are facing. We can start right away. We can talk as soon as today to start bringing you relief, insight, and emotional support in a comfortable therapeutic experience that also helps you get the changes you're seeking.