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Adolescent Girls

An area of special focus in my practice is affirming, supporting, and walking alongside young women who are navigating their adolescence. Today, and especially during this time in our history, the challenges facing teen girls are many.  I am passionate about providing a safe, warm, open-hearted space for young women to come and express, explore, feel, heal, listen, learn about and love themselves in a deeper, more fulfilling way.

Some of the experiences teen girls come to work on with me include:

  • Friendships, making and keeping friends, navigating the social scene, bullying. 

  • Anxiety about academic performance and pressure, including preparing for the future.

  • Anxiety that is constantly humming in the background and needing the tools to deal with it.

  • Low mood, general sadness, depression, and difficulty feeling happy or enjoying teenage life.

  • Learning and nurturing inner value and self-worth instead of living in feelings of self-hatred or disgust.

  • Figuring out how to feel emotions without getting overwhelmed by them, knowing how to talk about and share them.

  • Understanding and processing changes that are happening in their family life, including blending families, divorce, the death, loss or medical crisis of a beloved family member.

  • Working through a traumatic event that has either just happened or happened in the past.

When these and other issues exist for girls who are emerging into young women, a warm, open-hearted therapeutic relationship and a safe place to express and explore their world can make a big difference in the trajectory of their lives.  If these or other experiences are happening for your daughter (or you! if you are a teenage girl, reading this), let's find more time to talk about how I can help. Please don't hesitate to reach out today to start making a difference now!